Crabfest V3

I declare that weekend to have been downright adventurous, in comparison to my normal weekend. I took off Thursday evening in the motorhome, destination Bodega Bay, to enjoy a little crabbin’. That is the proper verb, naturally, for capturing, cooking, and eating crabs. Crabs of the dungeness variety to be more specific. It was supposed to be a few weekends ago, but something happened and the season got all messed up. I started to read up on it but my short attention span kicked in before I finished. Something involving the whales, the weather, and who know what all. I am sure I’ve described the back-story before, but as a brief recap these 20-ish guys have been meeting up in Bodega Bay for this event for 30+ years. I secured an invite a few years back and it was so much fun I’ve returned since. In a small stroke of genius, I brought my friend Michael along this year, slightly upgrading my level on the Interloper Hierarchy.

So what does one do while crabbin’? Well, there is no small amount of time spent sitting around a fire and cooking. It’s a rather “primitive” campground, not much in the way of activities. Which is fine, the group seems to have little difficulty making their own. Boccie ball, seeing what all can be cooked (or not) successfully over a campfire, card games, etc. And then there are the actual boat trips out. The boat is rather smallish, so four guys go out at once. Four guys, times a 10 per person limit, and usually 40 crabs come back per trip. That sets off a flurry of activity, cleaning them, boiling them, and getting them on ice. I purchased my license ahead of time, but decided to make myself as scarce as possible when the boat went out. I actually kept up my cloak of invisibility until somebody came banging on my door Sunday morning at 7:00. Need more crew!! Rats. What that means is, they really need one more body on the boat to max out the crab limit. Fair enough, I wanted to take some crab home. Fun trip at any rate, looking forward to the next one already. And I’ve got a freezer full of fresh crab meat.

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