Did Anybody See My Weekend?

Wow, that was possibly the shortest weekend in history. Too much work, not enough play. Then the next thing you know it’s back to all work, no play weekdays. Lame. We snuck in a little fun on Sunday with a good wine tasting trip. We started the day at one of our wineries we are members at, Bom Vino. They’ve been sort of “weird” as of late. We never get any communication from them at all, and last Fall our shipment just showed up at our door one day. Odd since we’re definitely on the “pick up” list, as it’s only about 8 miles from our house. We were going to get everything straightened out while we were there yesterday, but alas, the gates were closed. Hmmm. Out of business? We don’t know. It definitely wouldn’t hurt my feelings to get dropped from their club, we’ve got enough of them and this one is a little out of the way. Anyway, after a quick regroup, we went and met some friends at Fleur de Lys. Nice place, we like going there. From there we hit a few more in our regular rotation, then actually branched out and tried a new one! Yeah, crazy. It was nice. I’d tell you all about it but I forgot the name, whoops. I also failed to take a pic all day, I’ll have to fall back on some from the past week.

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