Happy New Year!

Why the “Happy New Year?” Because people are still telling me that and it’s borderline annoying. The bug guy came this morning and made it a point to knock on the door and wish me a happy new year. It’s the 20th. The year is now old and stale like the rest. Bah. Unwanted holiday greetings aside, we had a nice little weekend. And, I am off today so it continues. We kicked off Friday by making a pot of ramen. A friend made it for dinner quite some time ago, and I’ve been wanting to make it myself ever since. I found a recipe I thought sounded good and bookmarked it, but never got around to making it. The weather has been pretty cold lately so we decided it would make a nice dinner. Our friend Alaina came over and joined us, and we just ramened away. Came out pretty good, it hit the “make again” list for sure. After dinner Alaina and Donette worked on a birthday cake for her hubby, and that took up the rest of the evening. (He turned 30 over the weekend. Good grief I am old.)

Saturday was somewhat marred by having to work all night. I declare that to be a young man’s game. I couldn’t even start my work until 9:00, which is at least 30 minutes past my bedtime. What can ‘ya do. While I waited for that ridiculous hour of the night to arrive, we ran some errands and had a great lunch at the Purple Place. Throw in a nap, and a pot of ham and beans for dinner, and we managed to kill the day.

Sunday was, of course, the big game. WAY too much excitement for me. I found that far more stressful than it probably should have been. Hey, all’s well that ends well I suppose. I am not sure what to think about the 49’ers subsequent victory. Everyone around here is fired up for the big game, and there will certainly be no shortage of parties to attend… But at this point I am leaning towards just staying home and watching it here. Don’t want to be around a bunch of riff-raff. Granted, a lot of people out here are pulling for the Chiefs, but I have a feeling that will change come game time. I am worried they will put Madison Bumgarner in and he will wreak havoc again. After football, we headed down to Brickyard and went to surprise birthday party for our friend Michael. We pulled it off, he was thoroughly surprised. Had a delicious burger for dinner to help him celebrate his big milestone. Thirty. Wow I am old.

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  1. I take it that ramen recipe will be appearing in your recipe section?

    Speaking of which, how about shipping me some of your gumbo? It’s been a “while”.

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