Boring Weekend

Wow I’m really going to struggle for content this week, that was just an uneventful couple of days. No small part of it was spent working; Don’t nobody want to hear about that. Friday night we cooked up a pretty respectable shepherds pie recipe… Lame as it may be, I have to say that was effectively the highlight of the weekend. Next up was Saturday, a.k.a. “creamer in the coffee” day. You are no doubt wondering what that is code for; Obviously some really cool thing we do on Saturdays. Well, no, I’m afraid it is pretty literal. Saturday is the day I put creamer in my coffee. I don’t lead a super-exciting life, I have to look for highlights where I can. After my morning coffee, we got a text from some friends who were at brunch nearby, so we joined them at Selland’s. That worked out great, we had some really good food. On the downside, we were so full we headed back home and glued our butts to the couch for the rest of the day. We actually had some plans for the afternoon, but the gluttony cancelled them all. It happens.

Sunday was similarly low-key. Our entertainment for this day consisted of going up to our friends house to check on their cat. They’re out of town for the week, so we wanted to make sure the feline was getting on ok. Well, the kitty wasn’t super impressed with our visit, she actually never even came out to see us. Cats just aren’t the most social creatures I suppose. We hung out for a few hours anyway though, enjoying the good things in life, like cable TV. After that, well, it was back home. Different couch, same story. We did watch a movie, The Turkey Bowl, but I’m not sure that really qualified as entertainment.

Apparently I didn’t take many pictures of us doing nothing all weekend, so I’m a little light in that department also, but I have a few. The first one, our friends we share the motor home with sent us on the first night of their week-long trip. Looks like things are off to a rough start. Well, at least they don’t have to worry about their cat.

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