Hot… So Hot…

I gotta say, this weather just sucks the life out of me. It’s wicked hot. The evenings are “OK” I suppose, but the afternoons are very nearly unbearable. Guess it’s here for the summer, according to the extended forecast (sunny and hot, one day after another,) there won’t be a change in the near future.

The house project continues, very very slowly. We actually hung a TV finally, although it’s not actually connected to anything. The little “quirks” continue to pop up also. The A/C drain plugged and ran through the ceiling. The A/C itself is barely keeping the house cool, and at a price I don’t care to discuss. (I will say, as a little teaser, our monthly bill was TWICE our annual bill at the last house. Yes, you read that right.) The well pump tripped a breaker and left us without water for an evening until we figured it out. Probably more, I’ve just buried it in my subconscious. However, I continue to thoroughly enjoy my shooting range out back, and we’ve been wearing out the billiards room downstairs.

And now I guess I’ll just throw out a few pictures. Quite a bit of food, as usual. I guess we eat a lot. We also joined a meal service, and we’ve been enjoying that. Believe it or not, it is significantly cheaper than our grocery bill so it’s been working out pretty well.

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