QT Day 37

If you didn’t pick up on it, “QT” stands for that “Q” word affecting us all. I don’t know how to spell it, and this whole situation has rendered me too lazy to look it up, so I’ll just throw a made-up abbreviation out there and hope for the best. Once again, predictably, I have no material to work with. I could review the 47 movies I watched over the weekend, but everyone probably saw them years ago. I don’t recall any of them being particularly notable either. (One exception might be “The Assignment.” You may not have seen that one. If not, don’t.) On the big house selling front, we do have some big news! No, no we don’t. Nothing. Total silence. No offers, no showings, no nothing. Bah. We’re just about to pull it off the market and accept our fate in the hellish ‘burbs of El Dorado Hills. Could be worse. I’m not sure how, but that seems to be a popular phrase.

Really about our only “event” over the weekend was a “virtual wine tasting.” And as a matter of fact, it wasn’t even on the weekend, it was last Thursday. The drill here is, you go to a nearby winery (or, liquor store in this case,) buy a set couple of bottles, and then at some predetermined time there is a video call where you taste the wines with other dorks. This has become rather popular around here lately for obvious reasons, and I’ve been wanting to participate in one of them for a while. And now I suppose I have. Check that one off. It was “OK.” The winemaker was actually online with us and he was quite interesting to listen to, so that was a bonus. Interesting for about 20 minutes anyway… Unfortunately it went on for 1.5 hours. Well past my rather stunted attention span. I guess you could always just drop off, but I didn’t want to be rude. Oh well, it was something to do, passed the time for one evening anyway. I can say, in all honesty, I had nothing better to do.

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