Happy Cinco de Mayo

That title would be a reminder that I am again tardy with my update. Else it would be, “Happy Quatro de Mayo” I guess. Maybe I was late on purpose because the latter doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue. But the simple fact is, I am yet again light on content. What can ya’ do. I have some food pictures and… Maybe some dog pictures if I dig around. I guess one thing I did last week was break out my bicycle. That pastime has been sidelined for quite some time now, far too long. It took a little maintenance, but I got my mountain bike back rolling without too much trouble. Actually, it barely has any brakes, but to be honest someone in my current physical condition needs to focus more on going than stopping anyway. I’ve been on a grand total of two (very light) rides; Hopefully I can hold onto this momentum. Other than those two brief forays outside, we’ve remained effectively quarantined. I am honestly a little (a very little) concerned that I may be getting used to it. We were invited to a fiesta dinner this evening and I’m like “Nah I think I’m good thanks.”

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