Valentine’s 2020

One more weekend in the books. Actually I have today off, so it continues to some extent. I doubt I leave the house, so this holiday is of limited use to me. We did actually voyage out the front door on a few occasions this weekend though. Friday, however, was not one of those days. Instead, we invited a few other couples over and hosted a nice Valentine’s dinner. Any day I don’t get off work is not really a holiday in my book, but somebody mentioned “crab legs” and I was all in. Dinner came out reasonably well. We had steak, twice baked potatoes, and king crab. I’ve really struggled with my steak lately. New Years Eve I over-cooked it, and this time around it was a bit on the rare side. I will say, if I am to err on the meat, I prefer it to be towards the rare side of the scale. The cut was filet too; Just not our preference. I’m not complaining though, (too much anyway,) it was a great meal.

Saturday was a fine day, I feel like we got some mileage out of it. The weather was quite nice, in the mid 60’s and sunny, so we put the top down on the car and ventured out a ways to look at some motor homes. We are exploring the idea of a new(er) rig, so we lined up a few candidates and headed out. The drive was great, the motor homes not so much. It really baffles me that people will spend that much money on a coach, then just let it go to the point these were in. I think we looked at four, and all of them were in rough shape. The search continues I guess. For our evening entertainment, we went over to a neighbors house and enjoyed a fancy “vertical” wine tasting. The things Californians come up with for fun… Eh, it WAS fun as a matter of fact. He had four identical wines, but each was a different year. If my bad memory is correct, the years were ’11 through ’14. You have a taste of each and then discuss in detail the unique nuances of the vintages. Lots of swirling and sipping involved. Most importantly, there were some fantastic appetizers.

Sunday wasn’t terribly entertaining, but not a total loss either. It was another nice day, so once again we took the convertible out. The random destination this day was a few parcels of land out in the Sutter Creek area. Not being able to find a house that even remotely interests us, our latest made-up plan is to buy a piece of property and build what we want on it. The downside of this scheme is that we have absolutely no idea how to do that, not to mention a complete lack of funding to get the ball rolling. Those little snags aside, we enjoyed the weather and Sutter Creek is a fun town to visit. For dinner we went over to a friends house for Chinese take-out; Can’t go wrong there.

2 thoughts on “Valentine’s 2020

  1. I’ll bet your Valentine’s meal was delicious. They don’t do crostini in Peculiar!
    The gumbo looks mighty tasty too!

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