Well I guess that was about the most exciting weekend in recent memory. The Chiefs actually won!??!?! I dvr’d the whole game, I am going to go back and watch it tonight to make sure. Pretty big stuff, especially since everyone out here is a SF fan. (I find that a little odd incidentally, but I’ll spare you that rant. In brief, the bay is 1.5 hours away, how do you claim that as your “home team?” Hmmm, sketchy.) We spent the better part of Saturday prepping for game day. We had grocery shopping to do, decorations to put up (ok not really,) and I made a big pot of bbq gumbo for the event. Actually we took the pups up to a friends house and watched it there. “Neutral Territory,” so to speak. I have to say, I was pretty down after the third quarter. Things looked bleak. Very bleak, as a matter of fact. As I should have learned from the last few games though, that can change in a big hurry. Not good for my elevated blood pressure, for sure. And I am excited that not only did they win the big one, they should contend next year again. Doesn’t look like they’re going to go fire-sale mode like the Royals after their win. I wish I could go to the parade, but it just ain’t gonna happen. A brief glance looks like $1,600 per person. I’m excited, but not THAT excited.

3 thoughts on “Champs!

  1. BTW, you need yourself an https auto-redirect. I’ve got the code if you wanna play around with it. 3 whole lines. Woot!

    I’ll take off my nerd cap now.

    • Ugh I thought I had the redirect fixed!! It works when I test it. I have both an entry in my htaccess (don’t know why this doesn’t work 100% but it didn’t) and a wordpress plugin. Ohhhh my head….

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