Yay For 3-day Weekends

Whew, I needed a day off. The wife is bound and determined to make me do something useful, but I am resisting to the best of my ability. Days off are rare, and not to be wasted. I did at least try and mix in a little exercise. I got all ready for a nice bike ride, but when I rolled it out of the garage my tire was flat. I contemplated actually changing it and going anyway, but my spare tubes and bike stand are in the storage locker. Have to be another day I guess. Supposed to hit 90 today anyway, I would likely have passed out.

In the “notable events” category, we had a nice brunch yesterday. It was a little on the casual side, as we’re packing up to move, including all our dishes. Hey, paper plates and plastic forks clean up easier anyway. It came out pretty well; I made chilaquiles and scrambled eggs with chorizo. I thought the chilaquiles came out pretty well, at least they were better than the soupy mess I created last time I tried. I even fried my own chips, fancy. Some potatoes and a big fruit salad showed up too, so we had quite the feast of it. I definitely needed a ride today to try and undo the damage, but alas, it ain’t to be.

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