Lock Down Day 247

Or however long it’s been. That’s just an estimate. I gotta say, we are getting increasingly “loose” with our distancing or whatever the heck they call it. Not too crazy, but man I am BORED. For instance, as I mentioned briefly I am trying get back on my bicycle. Depending on who you believe out here, you aren’t supposed to even be doing that? Whatever. I need out of the house, and I ride by myself. Not to mention, I really really really need some form of exercise… If there is one positive of this situation, it’s the very light traffic while riding on the road. Much safer than usual, at least it seems to be. There are far lower odds of getting hit by a Miller Lite can, tossed from a 1 ton diesel truck as it roars past you at 70mph in a 30 zone, belching black exhaust in your face. (Not that I am stereotyping my neighbors, but yeah I guess I am.) Hopefully that holds for a while longer, it does make the ride more enjoyable.

Our other entertainment since last my last update also included a fine, fine Mother’s Day brunch yesterday. No, my mother wasn’t there, but I seldom pass up a reason to celebrate a holiday. We went up to a friends house and hung out for the better part of the day, enjoying some great food and a break in the recent hot weather. They’ve been doing a major backyard project for a while now, so we got to check out the progress on that too. Usually our little brunch parties only last a few hours, but it was such a nice day we ended up sitting on their new deck all afternoon. We had a good time, the dogs got worn out playing… All good things.

I finally lost my quarantine beard this week. The time was right. Not even really sure why I grew it out in the first place. I do hate shaving, but that’s not exactly a new sentiment. I guess my thought is, maybe it will bring good karma to end the lock down. Not to mention, now that the temps have gotten into the 90’s regularly here, the idea of a 1-inch layer of steel wool covering my face is even less appealing. The final nail in the coffin was the rather shocking amount of grey; I don’t need anything else helping me look old, thanks.

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